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Garden on a plate

Let's celebrate bringing the garden to your plate by showcasing the best of homegrown produce, cultivated with love and care. Highlighting the beauty of foraging and gardening and how it can be brought beautifully into home baking. 

Baking with foraged & allotment ingredients

Discover an array of fresh and summery sweet recipes each crafted with fresh ingredients either foraged or home grown from our gardens. 

Let's enjoy and celebrate the vibrant flavours and natural goodness of seasonal produce in our baking

Floral Lemon shortbread cookies.jpg__PID:ea4303d4-8144-4ac4-b30c-4571e9ed8582

Floral Lemon shortbread biscuits, made with Whitworths Caster Sugar.

Lemon and thyme mini loaf cake.jpg__PID:9fa7922a-a2af-4c8d-8034-45805e3b4ef3

Mini Lemon and Thyme Loaf Cakes, made with Whitworths Caster and Icing Sugar by Jess (@allotment_and_cake).

Custard and Rhubarb Tart.jpg__PID:d481449a-c473-4c45-b1e9-ed8582ba3adf

Custard and Rhubarb tart, made with Whitworths Caster Sugar.

Pimms sheet .jpg__PID:00344580-5e3b-4ef3-940f-7fd9ea04982a

Fruity Pimms Sheet Cake, made with Whitworths Light Soft Brown and Golden Caster Sugar.

Chutneys, Jams and Preserves 

It is time to savour the rich, vibrant flavours seasonal produce in every jar. Perfect for enhancing every meal, and not just your breakfast. 

Push the boundaries when it comes to preserves, by embracing new flavour combinations

rhubarb jam.jpg__PID:71e9ed85-82ba-4adf-9fa7-922aa2af2c8d

Classic Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam, made with Whitworths Jam Sugar.

Baking with vegetables

Baking with vegetables? Yes absolutely. Let's go a step further than a classic carrot cake and explore a variety of baking recipes that ingeniously incorporate our favourite vegetables, straight from our gardens.

Vegetables are fantastic, for their nutritious and for their power to add moisture, texture and to transform a treat in a masterpiece. 

Carrot cake doughnut.jpg__PID:8d1fca7d-66d1-4a58-8236-a70384362c7a

Baked carrot cake doughnuts, made with grated carrots and Whitworths Light Muscovado Sugar

Spinach Cake.jpg__PID:2d5c328e-8d1f-4a7d-a6d1-1a588236a703

Cream and spinach cake, a Polish Forest Moss Cake, made with Whitworths Icing and Caster Sugars.

Carrot Cake.jpg__PID:ca7d66d1-1a58-4236-a703-84362c7a4381

Classic Carrot Cake, made with grated carrots and Whitworths Golden Caster Sugar.

Pumpkin pie with meringue.jpg__PID:328e8d1f-ca7d-46d1-9a58-8236a7038436

Spiced Chocolate, Pumpkin and Pecan Meringue Pie, made with Pumpkin puree, Whitworths Light Soft Brown and Caster Sugar.

Courgette Pickles.jpg__PID:140f7fd9-ea04-482a-8297-46cc41774960

Courgette PIckle, made with Whitworths Jam Sugar.

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