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1kg Golden Caster Sugar Bag


baking essential! It is the ideal sugar for baked goods, as it is not heavy on the flour. Its smooth sandy texture melts faster to create a fluid mixture. For a bit of ''goo'' and a lot of ''ooh'', use Whitworths Golden Caster Sugar in your homemade meringues, sponge cakes and more. 

Switch to Golden Caster to add a little extra moisture to your cakes.

  • Made from cane sugar
  • A baking essential, perfect for cake batters, custard, soufflés, etc
  • Warmer and richer tone with subtle caramel flavour
  • Kosher, Halal and suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Sustainably sourced from Malawi and Reunion Island

View our tantalising recipes using Golden Caster Sugar by clicking here 

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