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Peach & Raspberry Jam

Garden on a Plate

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Garden on a plate

We are proud to share our most summery recipes, powered by plants, vegetables, herbs and aromatics grown in the UK. Let's forage our ingredients this Summer and introduce new ingredients to our plates.

Baking around the World

Discover a world of flavours and recipes from around the globe! To celebrate World Baking Day, Whitworths Sugar has joined forces with bakers worldwide to share their favourite national desserts with you. They've poured their hearts into creating these mouth-watering sweet treats.

Baking Show & Tell

Thank you to all the incredible bakers who joined our Baking Show & Tell challenge! Our mini bakers have crafted some adorable monster-themed treats. Discover the winners

Frozen Strawberry and Prosecco Trifle

Frozen Strawberry and Prosecco Trifle

Indulge in a refreshing and elegant Frozen Strawberry and Prosecco Trifle. Perfect for summer parties, this easy-to-make dessert combines fresh strawberries, Prosecco, and layers of creamy goodness with a homemade jam!

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Apricot jam spread on toast and photographed next to a Whitworths Jam Sugar bag

Apricot Jam

Make a glossy and sticky apricot jam with Whitworths Jam Sugar to accompany your toast, pastries, or cheese platters. Apricots captures the essence of summer in a jar, this delicious vibrant spread is packed with natural goodness and will brightens any meal. 

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Three jars full of peach and raspberry jam

Peach & Raspberry Jam

Indulge in the sweet and tangy flavours of summer with our delightful Peach and Raspberry Jam. This homemade jam perfectly combines the juicy sweetness of ripe peaches with the vibrant tartness of fresh raspberries. It is the perfect summery addition to your sunny mornings. Peach ad raspberry jam is a mix made in heaven, you can even gift a jar to your loved one. 

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