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For a chance to win a stand mixer.

To celebrate World Baking Day, Whitworths Sugar has joined forces with bakers worldwide to share their favourite national desserts with you. 

As a thank-you, we're excited to offer prizes to keep you baking at home and exploring desserts from different cultures.

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Win one of the following prizes

Salter Stand Mixer

Stand mixer Web.jpg__PID:2b726803-9518-4d2e-a2a0-10537eb7f5bd

Perfect solution for hassle free baking. RRP £93

Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream maker Web.jpg__PID:68039518-4d2e-42a0-9053-7eb7f5bd208b

Making ice-cream has never been so easy. RRP £35

Sunny Egg Bundle

Pink Egg Bundle Web.jpg__PID:9e38e708-01f2-4172-8d5c-503e03f7dbfe

Win 1 of 3 bundles. Make a fashion statement with our Sunny Egg products. RRP £25

Crepe Frying Pan

Frying Pan Web.jpg__PID:95184d2e-a2a0-4053-beb7-f5bd208b0021

Flip pancakes like a pro. RRP £25

Churros Maker

churros Maker Web.jpg__PID:40b2a420-165b-4d48-a967-78c647324d26

Say hola to churros night, without the trouble of deep frying. RRP £23

Waffle Maker

DIHL Waffle Maker.png__PID:a55a40b2-a420-465b-ad48-296778c64732

Whippping up waffles on a Sunday morning for the whole family. RRP £19

Essentials Bundle

Essentials bundle Web.jpg__PID:ea42a55a-40b2-4420-965b-ed48296778c6

Win 1 of 5 bundles. All the sugars you need to cook up a storm. RRP £10.99

Bento Boxes

Bento Box Web.jpg__PID:76e6ea42-a55a-40b2-a420-165bed482967

Win 1 of 3 cute and handy bento lunch boxes. RRP £7

Yorkshire Mug

Ceramic Mug Web.jpg__PID:a3a976e6-ea42-455a-80b2-a420165bed48

Win 1 of 10 mugs. Explore Yorkshire with each cuppa. RRP £5.99

White Pie Dish

Pie Dish Web.jpg__PID:f09f620d-e9ca-4f83-9ab5-e66dbf920031

Make the best Amercian pie. RRP £4

Our prize draw has ended. Thank you for entering.
The winners will be contacted shortly!

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