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Whitworths range has all the makings of perfect baking that’ll help you whip-up wonders. But what sugars should you experiment with this Easter? Starting with Golden Caster  Caster is ideal to whip up a light and airy mix. It melts away rapidly and satisfies most of your recipes, but how to take it to the next level? What we love with Golden Caster are the aromas that hit you as soon as you open the pack. It’s fragrant and adds depth of flavours to your baking. Golden Caster has delicious hints of caramel – so a winner for Easter if...

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And just like that, we are closing another year. Autumn means for some the start of their hibernation, the manic of Christmas, rainy days, frost, and snow. But for us, Autumn means Great British Bake Off, cosy evenings, heart-warming foods, cinnamon everything and warm puddings

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