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A layered green cake topped with crumbs to look like moss, filled with whipped cream and topped with fresh raspberries

A Journey Through Traditional Polish Baking

Polish baking is a delightful journey into the heart of Eastern European culinary tradition. Rooted in centuries-old recipes passed down through generations, Polish baked goods are a celebration of warmth, comfort, and community. From the iconic pierogi stuffed with savoury fillings to the quirkiness of a Leśny Mech cake, each bite tells a story. Polish baking excites the senses and invites you to savour the richness of its flavours. Join us on a delicious adventure as we explore the artistry and flavour in Polish baking.

The Baker

Now to introduce you to our wonderful baker behind this delicious twist on a classic!

Name: Paulina Mizgier
Home country: Poland

The Story Behind the Bake

This bake is very popular in Poland, possibly because of it's unique and quirky look, resembling the forest floor. Therefore, I wanted to share this recipe as it reminds me of being a child back in Poland, as my mum would often bake us a Leśny Mech cake! 

Making Leśny Mech brings back so many memories, especially because my own daughter now loves to help me in the kitchen, similar to memories enjoyed with my mother growing up. It's a beautiful way to bond and reconnect with my heritage through baking. As for toppings, I usually go for raspberries but you can get creative and use Pomegranates or Berries instead. It's all about personal preference and what you have at home!


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