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Easter Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter

Easter Just Got a Whole Lot Sweeter

Whitworths range has all the makings of perfect baking that’ll help you whip-up wonders.

But what sugars should you experiment with this Easter?

Starting with Golden Caster

 Caster is ideal to whip up a light and airy mix. It melts away rapidly and satisfies most of your recipes, but how to take it to the next level?

What we love with Golden Caster are the aromas that hit you as soon as you open the pack. It’s fragrant and adds depth of flavours to your baking.

Golden Caster has delicious hints of caramel – so a winner for Easter if you want to bake chocolatey cupcakes, light sponge cakes, brownies and more.

Shop Golden Caster here


Another sugar you cannot do without is Dark Soft Brown.

You might not be so familiar with Dark Soft Brown sugar, but it’s becoming more and more popular. We are huge fans, so let us tell you why.

This sugar is indulgent! Starting with the texture, it is warm, fluffy, fine. It melts in the mouth in seconds, leaving you with the warmest and deepest flavours; from gorgeous gingerbread, to deep caramel notes.

Take a tiny taste to experience the explosion of flavours that this sugar delivers.

Dark Soft Brown is a perfect choice this Easter to add depth and flavour to your bakes, as it pairs so well with chocolate cakes, cookies, chewy biscuits and everything in between!

Shop Dark Soft Brown here


And to finish, this one is an obvious choice, Icing sugar!

Easter is about going a little over the top with bright decoration don’t you think? So, icing sugar is the perfect sidekick to decorate your creations.

Our icing sugar is super fine and perfect for fluffy, light buttercream, dusting and smooth, glossy glazes.

Pipe colourful buttercream over cupcakes. Drizzle sweet chocolate sauce over your rocky roads or brownies. Apply a bright icing over your cake or give a little oomph to your buns with an icing glaze - the list goes on and on!

Shop Icing sugar here


So whatever you’re baking this Easter, make it with Whitworths Sugar.

And, get 15% off from our website on selected baking sugars from the 11th of April. This offer ends Sunday the 17th of April midnight. You can shop the Easter sale by following this link 


If you need inspiration, check out our Easter recipes right here.




Happy Baking!

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