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‘Tis the season to be baking

‘Tis the season to be baking

A Christmas with Whitworths Sugar


And just like that, we are closing another year. Autumn means for some the start of their hibernation, the manic of Christmas, rainy days, frost, and snow. But for us, Autumn means Great British Bake Off, cosy evenings, heart-warming foods, cinnamon everything and warm puddings.

We must admit, we love December and absolutely love the run up to Christmas, so we are not complaining, even though we would happily change the weather, as here in Yorkshire it hasn’t stopped raining.

We take Christmas very seriously at Whitworths Sugar, we always make sure we give back to our local community. All year around, we donate sugar and food to local food banks, we raise money for our local charities and always ramp up the donations before Christmas. We donated over a tonne in weight, that’s 1,000 bags of sugar in November alone! Here is charity Young Lives with Cancer accepting our donation of Royal Icing sugar which will be sent to children with cancer to decorate their own gingerbread house.

delivery of royal icing


This season makes us want to eat all things chocolate and caramel. Don’t you agree?

To satisfy our cravings, we baked a few recipes and obviously would like to share them with you. These recipes are ideal for this time of year, perfect to enjoy with your family and for special dinners with friends.

They have been tried, tested, and guaranteed to be full of flavours - the perfect showstoppers to impress your guests and also to indulge on your own if preferred!


Starting with…

Coffee and chocolate mousse with cinnamon and nutmeg

This is a Christmas classic, you cannot go without a chocolate mousse in December – ever. Add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to make it super festive.

chocolate mousse 

Chocolate tart with dulce de leche and chocolate ganache

We are now hooked on dulce de leche, this spread goes so well with this dessert. These little tarts would impress any guests. They are light so could be served after a heavy dinner.

 chocolate tart with dulce de leche

Banana pudding with miso caramel

If you love your banana pudding but want to pimp it up a notch, then try this recipe. The miso caramel gives it lots of depth, it is addictive.

 banana pudding

Soft and crunchy Gingerbread cookies

Another classic recipe – we love this recipe because the biscuits stay soft in the middle but have a lovely crunch. It is a yes from us.

 ginger bread cookies

Chocolate fondant filled with caramel

This is a decadent recipe, it is easy and quick to make – this is a total showstopper and so delicious.

chocolate fondant with miso caramel

Chocolate and Orange Christmas Tree cake – a festive showstopper

Probably the most festive cake and this cake ticks all the boxes. Deep flavours (chocolate and orange), gorgeous Christmassy decorations and colours! And how cute do these tree cupcakes look – these cakes would be loved by little ones.

christmas tree cake made with chocolate and orange 

Chocolate and Espresso pie, topped with whipped cream

This no flour chocolate and espresso dessert is rich yet light. Can be enjoyed with or without whipped cream. To see the recipe, head to BakerByNature's website

chocolate tart topped with whipped cream 

Feeling festive yet? 😊 What do you do in the run up to Christmas? Let us know by commenting below.

We hope you have fun time baking and cooking at home this Christmas.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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