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Plate of pancaked topped with strawberry jam next to a bag of jam sugar

Jam or Preserving Sugar

Do you want to make a homemade jam or preserve but do not know what sugar to use? the answer is, it depends on the fruit or vegetable you are cooking with. 

Pear  picture of pineapple Red Peaches

When cooking with fruits low in pectin

For all fruits and vegetables lacking of pectin, like strawberries, apricots, peaches, pears, pineapple and more - always use jam sugar. Those fruits make gorgeous jams, but the lack of pectin make those fruits less likely to set when cooked to make your favourite sweet spreads. We add pectin to our jam sugar, so it gives those fruits the pectin they need to set perfectly. 

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 Lemons oranges and clementines grapefruit

When cooking with fruits high in pectin

Some fruits are naturally high in pectin, commonly citrus, like lemons, grapefruits, oranges and more. They make delicious preserves! In this case, use our preserving sugar. The larger sugar crystal dissolves slowly to allow the mixture to set perfectly.

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 Pectin also preserves their taste and their colour. So always check if the fruits you intend to cook with are low pectin, and go for jam sugar to make delicious jam recipes. If you need inspiration, click here to see our jam recipes and here to view our preserves recipes. 

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