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National Baking Week - Meet our favourite bakers

National Baking Week - Meet our favourite bakers

National baking week has rolled back around! To celebrate one of our favourite week, we interviewed some of our favourite bakers and asked them some questions about baking and what it means to them. Find out what lovely stories they have to share with us.


Get to know Jess

Jess was the first baker we interviewed, we love her page and her bakes, so it was simply too hard to resist! Jess is a baker based in Cornwall who enjoys posting and reviewing recipes on her Instagram, you should definitely give her a follow: @Jess_eats_and_walks

When did you start baking?

I started baking at the age of 7

What does baking mean to you?

Baking to me is showing people I love them, it’s also because I love food 😂 and love trying new things.

What’s your most fond memory of baking?

My most fond memory is of making Christmas cake with my grandma who passed away last year, we all used to make them together and her recipe is very special to me.

Do you have a favourite recipe to bake?

My favourite recipe is the boy who bakes tahini cookie bars, they are incredible!

What advice would you give to new bakers?

My advice to new bakers is mistakes are going to happen and they are a good thing as you learn so much from them, also always read the recipe more than once.

Jess's favourite bake she has made,

Cinnamon spiced Kouign Amann is Jess's favourite they are buttery, flaky, salty and sweet filled with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla apples these were divine.

 Get to know Beth

Follow this link to view her Insta page, worth a look and give her a follow @Lolliesandbakes

Beth is an amazing baker who works with us very often because her bakes are simply incredible and her style is so fresh and colourful. Beth develops recipes that are always super cute and perfect for baking with the whole family! To see more of Beth's amazing work click here

When did you start baking?

I have always done a little baking ever since I was a child, but it wasn’t until lockdown that I started taking baking more seriously and trying out new recipes.  

What does baking mean to you?

To me, baking is fun and a great (mostly messy!) activity I can share with my two young children. Baking brings out my creative side and I love to experiment with new recipes.

What’s your most fond memory of baking?

I used to do a lot of baking with my Nan when I was a child and one memory which sticks out for me is helping her to make mince pies at Christmas. 

Do you have a favourite recipe to bake?

My favourite recipe to bake is definitely brownies. They are simple to make, and I love eating a good gooey brownie. 

What advice would you give to new bakers?

Just have fun with it. It doesn’t matter if a bake goes wrong, we have all been there. Just keep practicing and enjoy it.

Beth's favourite bake she has made,

Mint Choc Chip Cupcakes 😋 click on the picture to be directed to the full recipe, because you have to bake these at home. 

Get to know Ammarah

Give Ammarah a follow, here is the link to her page @Mycomfortbakes

We loved asking Ammarah questions because she has experimented with so many different flavours! We also worked together for ‘The Railway Children Return’ campaign where she created an astonishing train cake.

When did you start baking?

I started baking about two years ago and didn’t have much baking experience before that. The only bake I made growing up was cookies, I was on a mission to perfect them!

What does baking mean to you?

What I love about baking is that I’m usually so focused on the process and recipe that it leaves little room for thinking about anything else. It’s therapeutic for me and the feeling of getting some delicious baked goods out of it that you can share with friends and family is so rewarding. I’ve also been able to connect with so many people through baking so it means an incredible amount to me!

What is your most fond memory of baking?

I think my most fond memory of baking is the first time I successfully made cinnamon rolls! It was after some failed attempts and the process was incredibly satisfying and so much fun. Getting some perfectly gooey cinnamon rolls out of it was the best feeling! 

Do you have a favourite recipe to bake?

Definitely thick gooey New York-style cookies stuffed with both white and milk chocolate!

What advice would you give to new bakers?

There’s no such thing as ‘oh I can’t possibly make that’. You most definitely can! Half of baking is the confidence to try a new recipe :) Just have fun with the process, don’t put pressure on yourself to get it perfect every time, don’t cut corners and read the recipe properly 😉 

Ammarah's favourite bake she has made 

Gorgeous gooey Caramel Apple cinnamon rolls

Get to know Andrea

The talented Andrea - please head to her page @Moversandbakers

Andrea is a bubbly and fun baker who also creates and tests recipes! Andrea’s answers are simply heart-warming.


When did you start baking?

I started baking as a child, though it was never strongly encouraged by my parents who instead wanted me to focus on my studies. It was really when I got to university I rediscovered my love of baking, and it’s just grown ever since!

What does baking mean to you?

Baking has become my “thing”, what I long to do like others itch to read a book or go for a run. It has been my oasis and calm during challenging times and a source of joy and celebration in good times. It also allows me to indulge the ‘feeder’ in me. My husband often jokes when we have friends over for dinner that I feed people so much, they just roll home!

What’s your most fond memory of baking?

This would have to be baking with my children. Sharing the creativity (and mess!) with them, giggling and seeing their sense of accomplishment at the end results have given me the most wonderful heart-warming memories I will treasure forever.

Do you have a favourite recipe to bake?

Hmmm, this is a tough one. I think I would struggle to name a favourite recipe, as I really enjoy the processes of different bakes. If I had to choose though, I would probably go with profiteroles filled with creme pat and lashings of chocolate fudge sauce. Yum!

What advice would you give to new bakers?

Baking is a science, so follow the recipe closely and it will all be good! Invest in good quality pieces of bakeware and always the best ingredients you can afford for best results.

 Andrea's favourite bake she has made


For more bakes by Andrea click here

Get to know Sarah

Meet the lovely Sarah, and follow her on Instagram @sarahsslice

Sarah is an amazing baker who absolutely loves baking, her story is definitely worth sharing! She has an array of recipes that cater to all tastes which I am sure you will love, so head to her blog. 

When did you start baking?

Baking has always been a passion of mine, it started at an early age influenced by my grandma and Mum. Memories of my Grandma Nora baking something special for afternoon tea or helping my Mum baking at home are memories I hold very dearly.

What does baking mean to you?

Baking means a lot to me. I have suffered chronic pain most of my life, baking puts me in my happy place especially now I have my blog. I can create new things and bake family favourites at my own pace with no pressure to deliver results at a specific time. The only pressure I have now is making recipes that are 100% reproducible and of course really tasty. My blog really has given me a new lease of life! 

What’s your most fond memory of baking?

At secondary school I really enjoyed our cooking lessons especially the baking. During one of these lessons we were asked to bake a date and walnut cake. My best friend and I were waiting by the oven eager to inspect the fruits of our labour. The timer went off, we both reached for the oven gloves and retrieved our cakes. I was overjoyed to see that mine had risen beautifully and looked delicious. With a big smile on my face, bursting with pride I turned to my best friend. I looked at her cake which had sunken in the middle and a little sad looking then back at mine. She looked down at my cake and back at hers. I really didn’t know what to say, her face was a picture. Thinking on my feet I smiled at my friend and said “I bet it will taste delicious”.

Do you have a favourite recipe to bake?

I love Bakewell Tart. Its always been one of my favourite sweet treats. My first attempt at a Bakewell tart was when I was in the Girl Guides and it was award winning!!! I remember being very proud of my certificate and still have it to this day. Nowadays any recipe with almonds in is a winner for me but this recipe will always be a special one for me and my childhood memories. I’m always playing with the taste combinations in the Bakewell but I always come back to the original recipe. I’ve even made an iced Bakewell slice version from my original recipe for that extra special treat. 

What advice would you give to new bakers?

I think the best advice I could give to new bakers is to read the recipe properly at least once before you start. Follow each step exactly before moving on to the next. I get a lot of lovely feedback on my recipes saying they are really clear and easy to follow. I try to write them clearly and add step by step photos for people that want to see clearly what they are trying to achieve at each step.

Sarah's favourite bake 

A scrumptious Bakewell tart perfect for sharing, if you want! 😂🙈 For more of Sarah's bakes click here

We have really enjoyed finding out more about these bakers and their baking stories! What a perfect way to kick off baking week 😊 A big thank you to all the bakers who took part!

And to help you save a few ££ while baking this week, use the discount code NATIONALBAKINGWEEK at the checkout to get 15% off our baking sugars, before the 19th of October at midnight. 

Happy National Baking Week bakers 

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