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Energy saving tips for baking!

Energy saving tips for baking!

After the current surge in energy prices, we are all looking for ways to save money on our bills while continuing baking at home. Love bringing your ideas to life in the kitchen, here's how to enjoy baking and save money on your bills while feeding your family and friends. 


Baking with your microwave

Using your microwave can save you a lot more money compared to your oven. On average using your oven costs 5 times more than using your microwave. Baking microwave puddings is a perfect way to enjoy a treat and save money at the same time! 

Mug cakes are great way to indulge while saving power - try this Chocolate Chip Mug Cake recipe and do not compromise on taste when baking, 

Maximising Oven Space

In order to benefit sufficiently from your electricity, making sure you use the correct utensils is key. Try to match the size of your pots and pans to the rings on your hob, this will prevent any wasted heat from escaping because your pan is covering the whole perimeter. 


Cooking with Ovens

Sounds very obvious but don't open the oven door when baking! You can let so much energy escape if you open your oven door. Baking more than one recipe at a time can preserve energy. Also turning your oven off 10 minutes before recommended baking time can help save money as well!



A good bit of elbow grease never hurt anyone! Kitchen appliances often use large amounts of electricity, such as stand mixers. By switching to mixing your batter manually you can save yourself more than you think and you've also done your exercise for the day!😂


No-bake recipes

Baking is still possible without having to switch your oven on! No-bake recipes are still just as yummy as any other recipe. 

Try our no-bake cheesecake 

no bake cheesecake


Reduce Waste 

Recipes using out-of-date food is a sustainable way to save energy and waste! You can make banana bread with out-of-date bananas and bread pudding with stale bread!

You've got to give our Nutella Banana Bread a go - absolutely delicious and ideal to use them over ripped bananas.

nutella banana bread


We hope these tips come in handy with your bakes! Don't forget to tag us in your bakes :) 

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