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Plate of Hazelnut biscuits

Brown Sugar Hazelnut Biscuits




Biscuits looked like shop bought
Tasted lovely
Am impressed and will make more
Used dairy free butter
Used chestnut flour instead of hazelnut
Increased gas to no.6 and cooked for 12 minutes. Browned yes to a ginger biscuit colour as prefer crunch on outer and softness in centre.
Tested baking appliance – metal baking tray and a glass pyrex baking tray. The glass tray of cookies had to be returned to oven for a further 5 minutes. The metal tray was a good heat conductor and cooked as hoped within the time i set of 12 minutes on gas 6.
A recipe to treasure.
Would like to convert this recipe to dairy free and try different types of sugar.
Well done to recipe creator.

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