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Sri Lankan Sweet Treats

Sri Lankan baking is a fusion of vibrant flavours and aromatic spices, reflecting the island's rich heritage and cultural diversity. Rooted in tradition yet open to experimentation, Sri Lankan bakes showcase the country's abundance of ingredients. Whether enjoyed as a snack with tea or as a centrepiece for special occasions, Sri Lankan baking offers a sensory journey that delights the palate.

The Baker

Sri Lankan baker

 Name: Hafsa Nazaar

 Home country: Sri Lanka





The Story Behind the Bake

This Sri Lanka Ribbon Cake is a moist, buttery, pastel coloured vanilla cake that is usually sandwiched and covered in Butter cream icing. It  makes an appearance on every special occasion, be it a birthday, festival, or wedding.

This is one of the very first things I learnt to make and perfect during my early teens. This cake is versatile in that you can decorate it however you fancy. All our birthdays and celebration cakes usually feature a ribbon cake as a base.

Traditionally though this cake is decorated with a plain vanilla icing with swirls around the edges. Whenever I think of a ribbon cake, I reminisce to the times back in Sri Lanka when my mum would make this for Eid and although she was not a pro at decorating, she'd still make it look pretty the best she could. My brother and I would then devour it, fighting over who got the bigger slice. Once I started learning to bake, I used this cake as a canvas to hone in my piping skills.

While the classic flavour here is vanilla, I like to add some almond extract to both the cake and the Icing, which takes this cake to the next level.


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