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Whitworths Sugar Celebrates its 40th Birthday

Whitworths Sugar Celebrates its 40th Birthday

This October, we are celebrating our 40th birthday, you might say that Whitworths has been around for longer than this? Well, this is correct, Whitworths was established in 1886, but it wasn’t until 1983 that we started packing our trusted Whitworths Sugar packs from our site in Normanton, West Yorkshire. And look how our packaging evolved over the years! 

archived Whitworths sugars


This milestone birthday is about celebrating our Yorkshire roots, as it's the environment and people that make the brand what it is today. And it is in this small Northern town, that a partnership with a local Yorkshire-based Designer started to brew. Freya Niamh Design’s unique style caught our attention, Hannah, the artist, honours the beautiful landmarks and buildings around Yorkshire and sketches them in her signature colour palette of pinks, oranges, greens and purples.

 Landscape print by Freya Niamh Design


The design celebrates key Yorkshire landmarks, such as the Leeds Corn Exchange, York Minster, the Piece Hall at Halifax, Ribblehead Viaduct, the Humber Bridge and Flamborough Head Lighthouse, and not forgetting the Whitworths Sugar factory. Hannah made sure to tailor the designs adding sweet elements on the buildings and landscapes which makes the designs deliciously perfect for Whitworths Sugar. 


poster  set of coastersceramic mug  Life is a party pin

The design has been printed on a ceramic mug, cork coaster and also an A4 print. This collection of products is available to purchase from our website.

Additionally, we have created a new Birthday Pin celebrating parties designed by Danielle Mudd, which complement our birthday collection.

   range of merchandising

We are so proud of our partnership with local designer, Freya Niamh Design, as we came together to celebrate the beauty of our Yorkshire home and we hope you like it too. 

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