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German stollen blondie cut in squares with German flags on top

Flavours from Germany

Germany is known to offer a rich heritage of culinary tradition, renowned worldwide for their vast array of baked goods. Therefore, with such a delicious catalogue of treats, it’s important to take a deep dive in what’s to offer! Therefore, we have embraced tradition and nostalgia, uncovering not just flavours and aromas, but also cherished family anecdotes!

The Baker

Now to introduce you to our wonderful baker behind this delicious twist on a classic!

German Baker

Name: Matt Othold (@mattaroons)

Home country: Born in the UK however, half German!

The Bake: Stollen Blondies


The Story Behind the Bake

Stollen is a  traditional German Bread filled with nuts, fruit, spices and Marzipan, coated in a layer of icing sugar. It is traditionally eaten at Christmas and has made it into British supermarkets in recent years alongside our mince pies and Christmas puddings.

Stollen holds sentimental memories as it always takes me back to fond memories of my time in Germany as a child when I would visit my family around Christmas. My Oma (Nan) would often have some freshly baked ready for my arrival, and as soon as I'd walk through the door, those familiar spice aromas would waft under my nose and I knew I was in for a delicious treat!

To put a modern spin on this classic recipe i've turned it into a Blondie. While keeping the essence of Stollen, I crafted a Blondie base with caramel, butterscotch and white chocolate flavours, and added citrus peel, dried cranberries, almonds, pistachios, spices, and a layer of marzipan, finished with a dusting of icing sugar for the iconic Stollen appearance.

I hope I've captured that feeling, taste and smell in this bake and will hopefully awaken many fond memories for others who make this recipe.






This looks amazing and delicious, I’ll definitely be giving this a try. 😊

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