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Indian cake and a slice served with two cups of tea

Journey through Indian Baking

Indian baking is a harmonious blend of spices, flavours, and textures, reflecting the country's diverse culinary landscape. Rooted in tradition, Indian baking showcases a fusion of ancient recipes and modern techniques, creating a delightful symphony of tastes that captivates the senses and transports food lovers on a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of India.

The Baker

Indian baker

Name: Shabnam Russo 

Home Country: India

Name of the Bake (in both languages): Rasmalai Golden Tres Leche Ricotta Cake 




The Story Behind the Bake


Rasmalai cake

Rasmalai Golden Tres Leche Ricotta Cake is an Indian recipe steeped in tradition of festivities, a milky pudding served during weddings and celebrations. My childhood recipes have evolved over time crossing borders with the love of food and community.

I grew up in India where I spent most of my childhood dreaming about puddings and sweets because food was always in scarcity and desserts were such a rare treat. I would peer into the windows of the Mithai sweet shops salivating at the sight of all these elusive beautiful coloured sweets etched in gold. Holy Festivals in India were celebrated by all levels of society no matter how little you had and neighbours would distribute sweets to all. It was on these special occasions that we would sit together with friends from the neighbourhood irrespective of religion, race, colour or social standing; with little earthen pots of Rasmalai cheesecakes soaked in cold refreshing saffron and nut milk, slowly savoured till every sticky finger was licked clean. 

After moving to London my traditional recipes have travelled and evolved into desserts that like me have been influenced by British ingredients and tastes. The suburb where I live is rich in culture and tradition and often I bake for friends for their religious festivals from Eid to Diwali, Sicilian & Sikh wedding cakes to Barmitzvahs, Diwali and Rosh Hashannah. Festivals and cakes bring communities together . 

I’ve taken a traditional complicated dessert and turned it into an easy to make, versatile elegant cake that has global appeal. Everyone loves a tres leche cake and it can be flavoured with anything from saffron, rose, Biscoff or rhubarb syrup to make it your own. I decorate mine with rose petals and gold leaf.




It’s wonderful to have the world’s best cake from an amazingly kind and loving person.
Shabnam’s cakes are perfectly sweet, beautiful and delicious. Her cakes are perfect for any celebrations and this cake will be soon on my plate :-)

Tiramisu , Zuppa Inglese , and now Tres Leche , scrumptious ! What Italians call Dolce Cucchiaio we love a spooned pudding 💝

Two of my favourite deserts in one cake! It’s absolutely delicious!! Thanks, Shabnam.

This looks perfect for a Summer gathering! Can’t wait to give it a go

Shabnam’s creations are nothing like you have seen or tasted before. The blend of east and west is truly exquisite. My mouth is watering just looking at this cake!

Shabnam makes such exotic items look easy with her recipes and presentation! Perfect for any celebration to bring even greater joy into your life!

Absolutely delicious. Tasted even better than it looks. 💕

Another exquisite recipe. Love all of Shabnam’s cakes! She is incredible xx

This will be perfect for the afternoon tea I’m planning! It looks very nutritious and healthy and so pretty!

Wow love the look of this. I adore Indian flavours and this cake is so appealing. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely make it! 😋

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