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Almond cake served on a plate and sliced

Dutch Desserts

Enjoy the deliciousness of a Dutch bakery in your own home. Heavily influenced by the Netherlands' rich culinary heritage, which includes hearty, comforting dishes and delightful pastries. The Dutch are well-known for their pastries, apple tarts and waffle cookies. 

The Baker

Now to introduce you to our wonderful baker behind this Dutch classic!

Dutch baker

Name: Lorraine (travelsthroughbooksandbakes)

Home Country: UK - Living in the Netherlands

The Bake: Boterkoek

The Story Behind the Bake

Boterkoek (butter cake/ cookie) is a staple Dutch bake. The key ingredient is butter and it’s made with the best quality you can find! Which is often a locally produced butter.

Boterkoek is one of my son’s favourite treats, although, he likes the traditional recipe which doesn’t have any flavourings. I have taken inspiration from Laura's Bakery 'Amandel-citroen boterkoek' recipe. In my own version, I add chopped almonds and lemon zest, introduces a refreshing twist to the classic recipe. Its buttery richness combined with the zing of citrus and the crunch of almonds makes it an irresistible treat for any occasion.

This was one of the first bakes I was introduced to when I first moved to The Netherlands and I must admit it’s my first time making it in my attempt to read and bake around the world (40 countries and counting)!



The size of the springform tin is not mentioned. It should be 22-24cm.

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