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A Taste of Lithuania

Lithuanian baking is a reflection of the countries agricultural heritage. From rustic breads to delicate pastries, each of which celebrate the nations seasonal ingredients. Often including  locally sourced ingredients, resulting in hearty and flavourful sweet treats that nourish the soul.

The Baker

Introducing our only vegan baker.

Lithuanian baker

Name: Ringaile Narkeviciute

Home Country: Lithuania

The Bake: Tinginys


The Story Behind the Bake

Lazy cake imageTinginys or Lazy Cake is a traditional no bake Lithuanian dessert, made with crushed biscuits, condensed milk and cocoa, however I made a healthier vegan version and jazzed it up a bit by adding a few extra ingredients. And it still tastes just as good and indulgent!

Lazy Cake is a taste of pure nostalgia to me, having fond childhood memories of my mum and grandma making it.


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