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How to build the perfect picnic basket!

How to build the perfect picnic basket!

How is it mid-August already?!! The perfect excuse to make the most of the last few weeks of summer: grab your best wicker basket, tartan blanket, and some good company, it’s time for a picnic! We are here to help you put together the yummiest picnic basket you have ever seen, that’ll have all your picnic goers in awe. From classic picnic treats to delicious twists, this how to guide will leave you with the ultimate picnic spread!




It wouldn’t be a picnic without the fruity, sticky, goodness that is Jam! This classic can be paired with a fresh bread loaf, a delicious fruit scone, top your cakes or add that sweet taste to your meat selection! There are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to this timeless spread, from different textures to different flavours. Do you prefer the sweet crunch of fruit bits or the effortlessness of smooth jam? What about the flavour, do you prefer a one fruit jam like a classic Raspberry or a blueberry? Or a mixture like a summer fruit medley or what about adding a non-fruit flavour like this decadent rhubarb and vanilla jam. How about going rogue with this bacon, red pepper and chilli one?  Once you’ve decided on your flavour and texture follow these steps to make your own and impress your guests! Then all that’s left to do, is add it to your picnic basket!




When it comes to putting together a scrumptious picnic spread a fresh loaf is essential. One of the foundations of a picnic, you can enjoy a fresh loaf with your meats in a sandwich, top it with a fruity jam or enjoy on its own with a classic bread and butter combination. You could even add some extra flavour to your loaf by topping it with a garlic and herb butter or trying something new like this zesty lemon butter. They’re hundreds of different types of breads out there from sourdoughs to ryes, to ciabattas, the options are endless. This yummy rosemary and tomato focaccia is a great option or what about something simpler like this airy buttermilk loaf? The key to including bread in your basket isn’t what bread it is, it’s that it’s fresh, light, and fluffy with a nice crust, so have a go at making it yourself and pop it in the basket! 


Meats and Cheeses

We know it’s easy to just grab a few pre-made sandwiches and your favourite cheeses from the shop and call it a day, but this isn’t going to cut it when it comes to the ultimate picnic basket. The answer, charcuterie! Take your picnic to the next level by accompanying your meats and cheeses with crackers, nuts, fruits, dips, veggies - go wild! Follow these 4 easy steps to build a gorgeous charcuterie board that’ll impress your picnic friends. 



Centre Piece Cake

Now it’s time for the showstopper, that one item that draws everyone’s attention because it just looks too good! The best way to do this? Cake! Everyone loves it and if you pick the right one, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional baker or it’s your first time picking up a mixing bowl, it can be easy to give a cake that WOW factor you need! This chocolate Biscoff one is a great way to do just that, biscuity drizzly goodness that’s just looks too good to resist. Perhaps something boozier, like this Pimm’s sheet cake, easy to make yet looks incredible! Even something fruitier like this gorgeous banana and raspberry cake or this zesty orange upside down cake will have heads turning! Whip it up and pop it your basket.


Sticks and Dips

In other words, nibbles, everyone loves them! These are the bulking items you need to really pad out your picnic spread! Crisps are a good place to start, you could go for the classics lightly saltedcheese and onion or even a prawn cocktail. What about trying some of the new flavours out there like these spicy sriracha mayo ones or these pizza Pringles? What ever you go for crisps are always a favourite! Bulk up your dipping items with some breadsticks and crackers, you could even go for flavoured ones, like these oregano and feta crackers. Veggies like carrot or cucumber sticks also work great, as well as adding a lovely pop of colour, they are great way to get some vitamins in! 

When it comes to dips there are hundreds of different dips, go for a selection and get your guests taste buds dancing. Humous is a classic and easy to make yourself, you could go for original or spice it up with a flavoured one, like a sweet chilli or caramelised onion, find lots of flavour options here.  A fresh Tzatziki, or a spicy salsa or even tasty guacamole are our go to dips. You could mix it up and try something new like this courgette and tahini dip  or this hot gumbo dip. The key to dips is variety, so your picnic guests have lots of delicious flavours to try! 


Sweet Bites 
Everyone has a sweet tooth, so on a picnic day sweet treats are Essential. You already have the showstopper with your centre piece cake so these need to be bitesize little pieces to add to your spread. You could make bitesize versions of your favourite cakes, like these delicious carrot cake doughnuts or go for something snappier like these lemon curd cookies. This coconut cherry tray bake is a great one for cutting up into little snacks and they look so pretty too! Cupcakes are also great little snack, so what about these strawberry lemonade cupcakes to really bring the taste of summer. Or, what about these Biscoff chocolate brownies, two fan favourites together, these are bound to be a hit! Whatever you go for make lots of them, you’ll be surprised how easy it easy to get through bite sized cakes! 



Often called boring and tasteless, salads are one the most underrated part of a picnic. Why do you need one? Having a salad is perfect for pairing with your meats and breads to make a scrumptious summer sandwich or as a side dish to add some veggies to your plate. The key to making a salad a hit is always the flavour, we don’t just want plain leaves, a few tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, nope you need variety. The options are endless when it comes to flavour combinations, go wild and try something like this watermelon and pomegranate salad or what about a herby Greek feta salad. You can find lots of salad inspiration here. Dressings are always a great way to add flavour, you could go for a classic like a creamy Caesar, or a tangy French or mix it up with this ginger and wasabi dressing. Whatever you go for as long as you pack it full of flavour it is sure to be a hit! 


Last but certainly not least, refreshments. It’s thirsty work getting through that basket so treat your guests with a cold drink. You could go for something fruity like this fizzy strawberry lemonade or this tasty elderflower and raspberry juice. What about something boozier like this yummy sangria or this juicy mango and pineapple mojito. A jug of Pimm’s is always a fan favourite too. We’d recommend having two options one alcoholic and a virgin option, so all your guests needs are covered. 

Once your drinks are sorted, you can finally put your feet up and enjoy your ultimate picnic spread! 


  • Bring reusable outdoor friendly plates, you don’t want any breakages and paper plates are a no go!
  • Bring some reusable cutlery.
  • Don’t forget rubbish bags.
  • Storage, put everything in tubs with lots of ice packs in the basket and get everything out of and display it once you’ve got to your location, keeps your food fresh!
  • Freeze your drinks the day before and get them out in the morning so they’ll gradually defrost, keeping you nice and cool.

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