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Explore Jamaica's Flavour

Jamaican baking is known for its vibrant flavours, influenced by the islands rich culture and tropical abundance. Get ready to bring the sunshine all the way from Jamaica,  where every bake is a feast for the senses!

The Baker

Now to introduce you to our wonderful baker behind this delicious classic!

Jamaican Baker

Name: Marilyn (@baker_maz)

Home country: England



The Story Behind the Bake

Spiced Bun, a traditional bun, that is a Jamaican equivalent of a Hot Cross bun. While it is traditionally eaten over the Easter period, it is now enjoyed all year round. It's packed full of spices and dried fruit - just wait for the aroma that is created while the bun is baking, divine! The spiced bun is versatile and can be made using yeast for a more bread like bun or baking powder, for a cake like texture.

Growing up in a Jamaican parentage household, we had bun with butter and cheese every Easter. Although, my mum usually bought a bun on a weekly basis, and I would often have a slice with strawberry jam.

While I used a traditional recipe, I added more spice to make it my own! I incorporated half a teaspoon of ground ginger and a pinch of ground cloves. I used golden raisins instead of dark raisins for added sweetness, plumpness and  moisture to my bun.


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