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Easter Egg Hunt & Baking Competition

Easter Egg Hunt & Baking Competition

Here at Whitworths Sugar, we love a celebration, we never miss a chance to have fun with you bakers.

Easter is just around the corner, it would not be the same without an Egg Hunt and lucky for you, our first ever Egg Hunt is now ON. So join the hunt on our website today :) 


Find 3 golden eggs hiding on some pages of our website to win a prize! The golden eggs can be found by visiting the pages within the 'OUR SHOP' section of our website. Prizes range from £25 off, 40% off, free delivery, a free chocolate bar when you spend £10 and more! The campaign is running until the 9th of April so hurry and don’t miss out on those EGGCELLENT deals! 🐣


Not only are we running the Egg Hunt, but we also have an ongoing ‘Baking Show and Tell’ competition on Instagram. If you’re not familiar with the show and tell, it is a competition that we have run in the past to encourage little ones to bake and be creative 😊 The theme of this competition is Easter, of course!


The five best bakes will receive an Easter baking bundle so you can continue to cook up a storm at home! Submit your bakes to our Instagram account which can be found here. The competition deadline is the 10th of April, so hop on over and send your bakes. The winners will be announced via stories on the 12th of April.


Please be cautious of any spam accounts and do not click any links that they may send you. The winners will only be announced via our official page @whitworths_sugar.


To find out more and take part in the egg hunt, click here - so you can view our full terms and conditions

To get more info on the Baking Show and Tell competition click here


We hope you have a cracking Easter! 🐰 🥚


My £5 off offer didn’t get taken off my payment, I’ve tried to cancel order. Have emailed and rung but impossible to get a reply. Please contact me

I have won 2 discount prizes but when I went to buy a bar of chocolate at over £3 I was told I couldn’t use the discount for that product!!!!! how much do you have to spend to use it???

I did not get an email with discount from Easter egg hunt

Love using Whitworths icing sugar
Would use the mixer for my butter icing, so I can have both of my mixers going at once

I’ve Found 3Golden Eggs on your Websites

Do you have to work at GCHQ to find out how to enter the egg hunt.
I give up!
Unsubscribe me.

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