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Rhubarb Festival 2023

Rhubarb Festival 2023

Rhubarb festival has been in full swing last weekend! We loved it and here’s why…


We are located right in the heart of the rhubarb triangle! If you don't know what it is, well it is an area in West Yorkshire where rhubarb grows tremendously well. And we, Whitworths Sugar, are based right in the middle of it.

Being out in the community was fantastic, the crowds came in full force and certainly did not disappoint. Being surrounded by local businesses made everything feel that little bit more homely.



People often make jams and crumbles with rhubarb, however we saw such a variety of products, Rhubarb flavoured gin, rhubarb chutney and even cookies and pork pies. Rhubarb pork pies was new to us, it is definitely different, but worth a try. 

We loved having this opportunity to give back to the community and our customers. We loved meeting lots of friendly faces including, Ruby Rhubarb, Chef Imogen and even GBBO’s very own Karen Wright and Crystelle Pereira

There was a huge variety of activities for any age group. Craft sessions were held in the local Cathedral and shopping centre, the ‘Rhu-bar’ had many different drinks to sample and try. Not to mention there was plenty of entertainment such as dancers and of course Ruby Rhubarb, who as always was a bundle of fun.

We handed out many leaflets from the cutest little chalet you ever did see. The leaflets included a rhubarb and vanilla jam recipe made using our jam sugar. The demonstration was run by Farmer Copley’s and packed out the marquee! Find the jam recipe here made by Mycomfortbakes


Sugar sweetens the rhubarb so it’s less bitter and can be enjoyed in pies, crumbles, preserves and many many more! To shop our preserve and jam sugars, click here. And to shop our I love Roo (barb) card - this way 

Did you attend the rhubarb festival? Let us know :) 

 And see you next year.




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