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A Journey into Chinese Desserts

Chinese baking uses a variety of flavours, techniques, and traditions that have evolved over thousands of years. Unlike in the West, Chinese baking embraces ingredients like rice flour or sweet bean paste, favouring methods such as steaming and frying. Whether it's the intricate designs of traditional pastries or the simplicity of street snacks, Chinese baking offers a delightful journey through the centuries.


The Baker

Chinese Baker

Name: Bonnie

Home Country: UK

The Bake: Fa Gao






The Story Behind the Bake

Fa Gao is a Chinese steamed cake that families often make and eat to celebrate Chinese New Year because of its auspicious symbolism. Once it has steamed, the cake cracks open and ‘blossoms’, which forms a flower-like top.

Traditionally, it’s made with glutinous rice or glutinous rice flour and yeast, but in this recipe, I’ve used self-raising flour which helps the cakes rise and crack open when they’ve steamed. To give it a bit of added colour and a twist, I’ve added Matcha, which originated in China many years ago.



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