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From Fika to Favourite: Swedish Baking

Swedish baking is a cherished tradition steeped in simplicity, quality ingredients, and deep-rooted cultural significance. An essential part of the day is Fika, meaning coffee break, a time in which a sweet treat is ever-present. In Sweden baking is not just about indulgence; it's a way of strengthening community and connections. Whether it's celebrating holidays or enjoying everyday moments with a fresh pastry, Swedish baking embodies warmth, comfort, and a taste of tradition.

The Baker 

Swedish baker

Name: Janna Andrè
Country: Sweden

The Bake: Swedish Princess Cake






The Story Behind the Bake

Swedish cake

There is probably not a single bakery here in Sweden that does NOT have a princess cake to offer. It's a staple all year round ,however, every year on the “first Thursday in March” there is a national holiday in which princess cake is especially enjoyed on.

The cake traditionally consists of fluffy sponge cake, raspberry jam, vanilla cream and whipped cream. It is covered with marzipan and decorated with a pink rose.

I have fond memories of my Father loving this cake, therefore, my mother and I would take great joy in baking it for his birthday each year. He loved it so much that we would bake this cake every now and then for an extra special treat to have on a weekend with his coffee.


I really like to put my own touch on everything I bake and I'm not too fond of cakes that are too sweet. Therefore, I have chosen to introduce a mild caramel undertone in both the sponge cake and the vanilla cream. It cuts through the sweetness of the cake as the Marzipan can become overpowering sometimes. I have also changed the jam layer a little, in a traditional princess cake, there is a fairly thin layer of smooth raspberry jam. Instead, I wanted a jam that contained whole raspberries too,  so I made a delicious raspberry and chia seed compote within this recipe. The chia seeds help thicken the compote but also adds a really enjoyable crunch as well as being great for gut health.

Whenever possible, I prioritise using organic ingredients in my recipes. For this particular recipe, I'm lucky enough to have a friend who keeps chickens, therefore, I have access to beautifully sourced eggs. It feels so good to know I can bake without having to worry about the welfare of the animals, as this is really important to me.


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