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Our Favourite Baking Trends visual

Whitworths Sugar's favourite 2020 baking trends

In 2020, baking took a huge place in our everyday life. The baking madness took over the UK’s google searches, Instagram and spread from home to home. When we were told to stay at home; we baked to raise money for charity, to treat our loved ones, to entertain the kiddies, for something to do and simply because we love it. We can safely say, 2020 was made better and sweeter by home baking.

Banana bread, sourdough and homemade pizza dough recipe searches took over the internet and made us briefly forget about COVID and Brexit! 2020 was a great year for cooking and baking, so let’s revisit this year’s best baking trends…!

Starting with the biggest trend of all,


A more sustainable way of baking. Using varieties of flours or replacing dairy with alternatives such as oat, soy or cashew. Seen as a healthier option that everybody can enjoy. This trend is in harmony with the planet and wants to protect mother earth. So good, you can’t tell it is plant-based. What is not to like?



We all want flavours, homemade foods, but life gets in the way. This is a persisting trend, no hassle baking. It involves minimal key ingredients, one bowl recipe, even better when it does not involve any cooking time! This trend is for everybody, mainly the ones who do not like a mess in their kitchen.  



Baking has had no boundaries; bakers have been introducing Asian and Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients in their recipes. It includes tea, miso, matcha and seaweed. Playing with sweet and savoury flavours, creating new and exciting avenues in the baking world.



You must have seen this popular bread all over your Instagram feed lately. It seems we’ve found a new interest in grains, fibre and natural sugars. It’s not just bread - keeping a starter alive has been the latest hip pastime.



Have you seen the edible glitter and flowers which have adorned triple tower cakes, topped with balloons, macarons and glazed doughnuts? This trend is beautiful and colourful, and the best way to celebrate something big or small!



Here, size does not matter. Small is cute, it is healthier, it is ideal when you are baking for yourself or for a small family. Perfect for portion control and no one wants to eat the same cake every day for a week. Baking mini size cakes makes life more interesting and variety is the spice of life!


What a year it has been. Do you want to know what we did, during all of this? We joined the Facebook and Instagram community and created our own pages, mainly to keep track of your stunning and delicious creations! We baked, we watched Bake Off religiously, we baked and created some more, and we got through the year – how did you do it?  

So now let’s focus on Christmas celebrations and creations, before we start thinking of those new year resolutions and the new year to come 😊

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