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Fun cake decorated with sweeties and chocolate

Whitworths Mini Stars - Baking Show & Tell

We were looking for Whitworths mini stars over on Instagram early this month, and boy we have found many! 

We challenge our followers to send us pictures of their kids' proudest bakes. Picking one winner was the most difficult decision we have to take, so we have awarded 5 prizes in total and here are the lucky winners... 

Meet Olive, our first winner 

Well done, we all loved your proud and smiley face covered in chocolate. You are a talented little baker

Meet Oliver, who won our second prize

We loved your enthusiasm, your chef outfits and amazing bakes

Meet Izzy, our 3rd prize winner

a very talented baker who created on her own amazingly detailed cakes! Your school project cake won us over

Meet Katie, the 4th winner

She is 2.5 years old but already is a super star really involved in home baking

Meet Theo and Zachary, who won the last and 5th prize 

Thank you for sharing your favourite lockdown bake... rainbow cupcakes. Lots of colours and laughter to brighten up your lockdown.


Thank you everyone for participating to our competition, we loved seeing all your lovely creations. It made us dream, smile and got us a little hungry too. 



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