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Air fryer Chocolate & Biscoff Molten Cakes

Air fryer Chocolate & Biscoff Molten Cakes

Our introductory Air Fryer Recipe, Chocolate & Biscoff Molten Cakes, using Whitworths Caster sugar, this super quick and easy to make cake with a yummy melted Biscoff centre.



At the top it says serves 4 and shows 4 tins, yet step 5 says butter 6 tins. Perhaps 6 only take 12 mins, but for 4 delicious, perfectly cooked with an oozy centre, 14 minutes are required (12 are a collapsed splodge!
Also a small circle of baking parchment in the base, after buttering, allows a quick release 😊

Is it possible to make these and put them into the fridge before cooking? I would like to make them earlier in the day then cook when wanted.

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