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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Pawesome Dog Pawty

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Pawesome Dog Pawty

Are you planning a celebration for your furry friend's birthday or just want to throw them a party to show how much you love them? Well, it's time to put your party planning hat on and get ready to plan the most pawesome pawty for your doggy! From treats to decorations, we have compiled some woof-tastic tips to help you plan a celebration that your four-legged friend will never forget. Here's everything you need to know to throw the ultimate dog pawty that will have tails wagging!

Dog wearing a birthday hat



The first thing you'll need to consider is the location of your pawty. It’s important to choose a venue that is catered to your pawty pup's needs. Think about the size of the space and the number of four-legged friends that will be attending. If you have a spacious garden, that's a great option. If not, consider a local dog park or even a pet-friendly cafe or bar.

Dog with a birthday treat



Send out invitations to your dog's friends and their lovely owners. You can use online invitation websites or create your own using dog-themed templates. Make sure to include the date, time, and location of the pawty, as well as any special instructions, like bringing a dog bed or a water bowl.



No pawty is complete without decorations! Consider dog-themed decorations like balloons, banners, and paw print tablecloths or napkins. You can also set up a photo booth with dog-themed props for some fun photos. Don't forget the pawty favours! Make sure to send your pup guests home with a goodie bag filled with toys and treats.

Dog celebrating their first birthday  

The Pawfect Menu

When planning a dog pawty, you can't forget about the most important thing: the food! That's right, just like humans, dogs love yummy food too. Set up a dog-friendly food and drink station with water bowls, dog treats, and even a dog-friendly birthday cake. Don’t worry, we got you covered on this front! We have two new lovely products in our store to help you create and decorate your biscuits or cakes: a paw print embosser and a dog bone cookie cutter.



Alongside them, we have developed a couple of new recipes which your pup’s furry guests will absolutely love! They are really fun, creative and super cute - ideal for a pawty and will totally wow everybody. You can find the recipes here:

 Dog shape biscuits dog character cupcakes


Finally, ensure there are plenty of bowls of water for your furry guests and consider labelling all the food and drinks clearly so that owners know what's safe for their pets to eat. And don’t forget the doggy bags for any leftovers!



It's important to keep the pups energised and happy with plenty of activities too! Plan some fun games like fetch or hide-and-seek, and set up your own doggy obstacle course with ramps and tunnels, or even a doggy pool party. You can also set up a doggy spa area with dog-friendly shampoo and towels for a fun and relaxing experience. That will keep everyone entertained and happy!


So there you have it - our pawesome tips for planning a purrfect pawty for your furry buddy! We hope that these tips have inspired you to throw a celebration that is as special and unique as your best friend. After all, our pets are more than just animals - they're family. So why not celebrate them in a way that is just as fun and exciting as they are? From decorations to treats, we know that your pawty is going to be nothing but the best. So let's get planning and make sure that your dog has the most amazing celebration ever!

That's not all, you could win a doggy party kit - which includes a set of napkings, cups, plates, candles. As well as our new Paw Embosser, Dog Bone Cookie Cutter and a selection of sugars. All you have to do is head to our Instagram page and enter our competition which starts on the 25th of June and closed on the 29th of June midnight. 


Dog party accessories and decorations

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