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Wreath Cake

Christmas Baking- What to bake this festive season?

Christmas Baking- what to bake this festive season?

Struggling for ideas of what to bake this Christmas? Then we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you through lots of new and creative bakes and the different types of treats you need to be including in your festive spreads this holiday season to really wow your friends and family!

Christmas Baking Centre Piece

First things first, a centre piece! This is the piece that grabs everyone’s attention, makes it impossible to walk past without having a look. We have some great options for this. Our newest addition is this gorgeous vintage inspired Wreath Cake. The Christmas reds and greens are so pretty, and the design is classic yet stunning!


Other options you might want to consider are these two showstoppers, this stunning Chocolate Orange Christmas Tree Cake or this Gingerbread House Cake! Both of these will definitely turn heads and are surprisingly easy to whip up!    

             Christmas Gingerbread House Cake

Another slightly simpler design yet still impressive piece, is this Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. A twist on the classic dessert, after all everything is better in cake form, right?! We also have this delicious Boozy Baileys Bundt Cake, the citrusy flavours combined with Baileys Irish Cream really do taste like Christmas!                                                                                                                                        

           Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake  Baileys Bundt Cake

Christmas Baking, The Classics

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the classics! Christmas puddings are a non-negotiable, they really do bring the taste of Christmas. Although, it’s surprising the number of people that aren’t a fan, so we have the perfect solution with these Mini–Christmas Puddings, that way those that like them can have a bitesize piece. 

Chocolate Yule log is always a fan favourite, and we have the perfect wintery edition, this Black Forest Yule Log is ideal for slicing up! 

       Mini Christmas Puddings  Black Forest Yule Log         

Christmas Baking Bitesize Bits

It’s Christmas and you know that means? You can never say no to a sweet treat! Everyone always has extra room when it comes to the sweet stuff, little bitesize sweet treats are perfect for this.

We have some really good ones like these little Chocolate Christmas Trees, so easy all you need is a pack of Mikado’s, a bar of chocolate and a pack of magic stars and top it with whatever you like, sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, smarties or you could add some extra sweetness with a sprinkle of our Demerara Sugar.

                                             Chocolate Christmas Trees

Christmas Bark has to be one of easiest sweet treats to add to your festive spread or ideal just as a Christmas snack! All you need is a bar of white chocolate and a bar of milk/dark depending on what you prefer and some festive decorations whether that’s sprinkles, smarties, pretzels, marshmallows, edible snowflakes, the options are endless. You can find how we made ours here. A little tip pretzels and red smarties are great for making the bark pieces look like reindeers!

                                        Christmas Chocolate Bark

Miniature anything is always a huge hit and we’ve got the perfect Mini Coffee Cheesecake Cups made using Sticky Toffee Pudding Coffee. A different way to get your coffee fix this Christmas!

                                        Mini Coffee Cheesecake Cups

These Chocolate Reindeers are a super cute and easy treat, they're the perfect snackable festive treat. We also have these Royal Iced Christmas Biscuits, these crunchy and sweet treats are perfect to bulk out your festive spread.

                Chocolate Reindeers   Christmas Iced Biscuits

Last but certainly not least are these holiday brownies, these are a great way to create lots of different festive designs from just one batch! One sheet of brownie can be made into little Christmas Trees, Mini Santa Hats, a mini Christmas pudding, a bauble or even a festive penguin! Find the recipe here. 

                                   Christmas Brownies

Spread some festive cheer this Christmas by getting your bake on! Whether you have a go at one or a few of these recipes, you'll be sure to impress your friends and family with these Christmas Inspired bakes! You can find most of the recipes in the recipe section or over on our TikTok.

Happy Baking and Merry Christmas!

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